Submission Guide Lines

Your Guide to the Perfect Course Pack.

Course Packet Submission Guidelines

Use the Following Tips to Make the Perfect Packet

‹ Provide Clean, High Contrast photocopies. Made from the Best Quality original or copy.

‹ Close the copier lid when you scan your copies.

‹ Submit clean, machine feedable 8.5” x 11“ pages, on 20# to 67lb white paper.

‹ Keep your originals, send only copies of an original document or book pages.

‹ Single sided pages are recommended to eliminate the second side bleed through.

‹ Provide type written pages. Hand written pages will be reproduced as submitted.

‹ Upon request we can convert hand written pages to type written, but this will increase
the price of the course packet. *

‹ Remove all staples and paper clips.

‹ Adjust contrast for each page. (high contrast for text, and photos)

‹ Leave a 3/4” to a 1” margin on all sides for binding.

‹ Colored images will be converted to B/W gray scale. Avoid light colored and low contrast
images since they are difficult to reproduce.

‹ Colored pages can be included, but increase cost. (i.e Pie charts, photos, etc.)

‹ Pages that have been made from cut out materials and reformatted using glue and tape,
must be submitted as a photocopy. (don’t send pages with glue or tape on them)

‹ Images that are reduced in size will have degradation in image quality.

‹ Keep font size at 10pt or larger.

‹ If divider or blank pages are needed, include and clearly mark the pages as dividers or blank.

‹ Submit your documents with a completed order form and citation sheet(s).

‹ Provide a complete bibliography and table of continence.

‹ Your syllabi can be included in your course packets.

‹ If the entire course packet is in file format, use a CD or DVD to submit the single PDF
document file that is to be printed. (Please no word documents). Otherwise provide
organized paper version.

‹ Print out copies of MS Presentation, or Publisher files and insert where needed, in order.

‹ Keep pages in the order it will be printed.

‹ Double & Triple check that no pages are missing from your packet before submitting.

‹ Submit all materials at the same time. Use large document clip or manila folder.