How Do I Get Started?

Professor Course Packets

FIRST!- (What you Provide)

You collect all the information & materials that will be included in your course packet

Fill out order form & citation sheets.

Contact your bookstore to determine if they will be distributing the packet for you.

Call us and a representative will arrange for Free pick-up your materials and will even be your point of contact throughout the production prodcess.

NEXT!- (What we do)

All of your materials are scanned, edited and archived for future use.

Using a network of copyright clearance centers, we obtain permission for your cited works, and take care of royalty fee payments

Your packet is produced to your specifications. Various Bindings and Pagination are available.

Once the course packet is complete, it will be available for your bookstore or your retail channel of choice.

Or if you wish us to distribute the book, for online purchase at our web site, or our retail store.

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