Cash Back for Course Packs

Cash Back

Cash Back Rewards Program

Cash Back to your Department Discount passed onto your students or as a Donation to your favorite charity

(1 cent per page, up to $2.00 per packet sold)

It is Our way of saying thank you for getting your materials to us before the deadline date so that we can complete the process without having to hire additional staff. The more lead-time , our current staff has, to accomplish the copyright clearance and production, allows us to pass our savings onto your department, students or charity.

The production of course packets are time sensitive. So that we can meet critical timelines and stay competitive with other major printing providers/chains, we would like to pass on our savings to our customers in the form of CASH BACK to your Department - DISCOUNT passed onto the students - or a DONATION made to your favorite charity. We are hoping that one of these offers will fit into your departmental policies. Please indicate on the order form, which offer you want to implement.

If you choose to pass on discount amount to your students this will be printed on the inside back cover:

**Thank your professor. She/He has chosen to pass any Discount Offers onto their students, who purchase this course packet.

REMEMBER this offer is only available for the materials that are received at our facility NLT DEC 1, 2008 for the Spring Semester, and March 1st for 2009 Fall/Winter and Summer school. Please indicate if you do not wish to take advantage of these offers with a brief explanation.

*NOTE we will gladly accept course packet materials after the deadline, but we cannot give our 100% guarantee that your students will have them available for purchase by the first day of class. We will make every effort to complete all course packets in a timely manner, regardless as to when they are received.
*Exceptions: our 100% delivery guarantee applies to course packets that obtain complete copyright clearance, prior to our production schedule. In the event that one of your articles was not able to be cleared and may require additional time to contact the publisher, and you choose to wait until clearance is received ,the guarantee does not apply. In this event you will be notified and given an opportunity to either drop it or replace it with your own copy, not needing clearance.

Let us know if you want to be contacted if any permissions are denied or not obtained by the deadline for production. Unless otherwise noted - articles will Automatically be removed without notice.