1. If you have not setup an Account number, call us at 866-337-7468 to get your unique account number which is used for tracking all your course packet orders. At this time also assign a person in your bookstore that will be the “Point of Contact” for correspondence thourghout the production and delivery process. A personal accoun representative will be appointed to you from our company that will be available for any questions you may have.

2. COLLECT MATERIALS: Collect all the information & materials that will be included in your course packet. Use the Submissions Guidelines page for reference on how to send the materials.

3. ORDER FORM: Fill out order form & citation sheets, and fax or E-mail to us.

4. PRODUCTION COSTS: Before production, you can request a cost breakout for review. This allows costly citations to be modified or removed.

5. SEND US YOUR ORIGINAL MATERIALS: Call for p/u or a free shipping pack and instructions. Attach a copy of Order forms and Citation sheets. Send the original materials within a few days of initiating order. Include your Account Number on all correspondence.

6. BAR CODES: If you wish us to apply bar codes to your packets, include the bar codes in your shipment. We can print the bar codes directly on the front cover.

7. PRODUCTION: Using a network of copyright clearance companies, we obtain permission for your cited works, and take care of royalty fee payments. All of your materials are scanned, edited and archived for future use. After Digitally re-mastering your material, each page is produced to your specifications, page numbered (if requested) and bound.

8. SHIPPING: All Shipping is free. Once the course packet is completed it will be shipped to your local Bookstore.

9. RECEIPT OF ORDER: Professors Desk copies and course packets are shipped together. Invoice will indicate the quantity of Free Desk copies with order. Professors original materials are also included with shipment.

10. PAYMENT: If using a Purchase order, send us this information. Your invoice along with a packing slip is included with your shipment. Terms for accounts are 1% 10 days net 30 from date on invoice.

11. ADDITIONAL COPIES: Complete Extras form for additional copies of packets.

Refer to reference pages in back for information.