Bookstore - Course Packets- Information

"Off Campus" Print Shop will provide you with our Course Packet
Order forms, to be given to Departments and Professors upon request.

The order form will instruct them to call "Off Campus" Print Shop
for questions and material pick-up information.

You do not have to worry about hiring extra employees, collecting professors
materials, fielding questions or providing boxes for shipping of the materials
to your current course packet vendor.

Our website is available to help guide the professors
through the course packet process and for downloading forms and providing
instructions and contact information.
This can be linked from your Bookstore webpage if desired.

We take all Copyright Liability.
Just like other course packet reproduction companies.
(ie. XanEdu and other web based companies)

We Print GREEN.
Most universities today require that 30% post consumer paper is used for
reproduction material/printing on their campus.
Our company uses 30% post consumer recycle paper for our black and white
printed course packets and wind powered paper for color copying.

We are a local printing company, thus eliminating you paying return shipping
fees at the end of the semester. We will pickup all excess course packets FREE
of charge.

You can boast that your course packets are produced by a local small
women/veteran business and that all tax dollars are kept in Flagstaff.

We prefer to print and deliver, to the bookstore, course packets, for
80% of projected class enrollment. This is done to eliminate waste due to
overprinting. It is the responsibility of the bookstore to order a realistic
amount to eliminate the need of overprinting and returns.
We will provide 100% of class enrollment, upon request.
In either event each amount must be pre-paid for either by credit card or the
approved PO# amount.

Rain Checks.
The most important factor to keeping students costs down is to limit the number
of course packets printed. If you select the 80% course packet fulfillment.
We will provide rain checks, to be placed on the shelf, indicating that this
classes course packet is temporarily out of stock and they will need to purchase
their course packet from
The packet will be ready for pick up within 24 to 48 hours (excluding weekends
and holidays) the student can pay for the packet on line or come into out shop.
Once we received payment we will print their packet and call them when it is ready
for pick up. We can also deliver the course packet to the bookstore if it is
inconvenient for the student to come to our shop for pickup.

If you choose the 100% fulfillment option and there are course packets not
sold, we will accept returns, only if the packets are in like new condition.
Your credit will be processed within 6 months after course packets are returned.

Special order course packets are not eligible for returns.

Return privileges are only offered to customers in good standing.
In the event your returns exceed industry and our company standards we will
work with you to select an option that will reduce the amount of returns for
future orders.
If after evaluation it is discovered that your returns are excessive we may
impose quantity restrictions for your orders, charge an administrative fee,
limit the number of returns or modify this policy.

Special Order course packets are not eligible for returns