Bookstore - Course Packet Options and Procedures

Bar Code.
We can print Bar Codes directly on the cover of course packets.
However, when using colored paper covers, bar codes don't scan well.
One Option is to print the Bar Codes directly on labels that we apply
to the cover or packaging , if requested. You must submit the necessary
barcodes that match the course packets.

Shrink wrapping.
This service is offered , if requested for all binding options.
Our facility has commercial shrink wrapping equipment.

Custom Covers with University Logo.
If you want the course packets that are sold by you to have the logo or
mascot of the University on the cover, please provide us with necessary
permission and high quality file.

FREE Pickup.
We will pick up course packet materials from the professors
Monday -Friday 10am to 4pm. Excluding Holidays.

FREE course packets.
We provide FREE course packets to Professors and TAís, quantity
depends on class enrollment. Two, for classes of 17 to 35 students.
One additional for each additional 30 students.

So that the proper amount of FREE course packets are given to the professors,
please verify the class enrollment with the exact amount of ordered packets.
We must have an exact number prior to production.
If the professor requires more than what we offer for free please indicate
the number of additional course packets above the enrollment number when you order.

Remember, Course packets that do not change and are used for subsequent semesters,
still requires copyright clearance. If the Professor has not used our service in
the past, please have them provide us with a clean copy so that it can be
reproduced and the necessary clearances obtained.

We accept all major credit cards, PO\'s, P-cards and paypal.
Pre-payment is preferred, but we do offer Terms for payment, for qualified companies,
on account.

Terms are net 30 or 1%10, from date on invoice. We will provide an Invoice, at the
time order is placed to the bookstore, and when product is delivered.
To take advantage of discounts, process invoices as soon as possible.
Bookstore is responsible to forward invoices to their payment center.
Overdue bills will incur the lesser amount allowable by law or
1.5% to balance owed per month.

Purchase Orders.
We require a Order # or purchase order number to accompany each order.
The order will not be processed for production without this number.

Upon request we will provide an estimate of our final costs of the
course packet for the professors review.

Remember this step will delay the production time and course packets may not
be available for sale on the first day of class.

Rewards Submittal Deadlines.
(Updated each term) Deadline for Spring Semester material submittals is
1 December , 2008, to qualify for the REWARD Program.

Reward Program
Our company is offering money back up to $2.00 per course packet for materials
submitted NLT 1 December 2008, for the Spring semester.

This reward can either go to the bookstore, Professor, donated to a favorite charity
or offered to the student as a discount on their purchase.
This incentive is offered ONLY for course pack materials that we receive on or
before December 1,2008.

The reason we can offer this reward is because all materials that are received
by this date we can produce with our current staff.
We hire additional employees for materials received past this deadline.
Its our way of encouraging early submittal, so that our current staff can meet
the 1st day of class ready for sale deadline.

** Exceptions. Beyond our control.
Delays due to the Copyright Clearance Centers inability to receive permission within
a reasonable timeline may cause a course packet to be delayed for production and sale.
Articles returned to us without permission or with a notice that additional time is
needed to contact the publisher, will be brought to the professors attention.
They will in turn either request that additional time be spent to receive permission
or request us to remove that article from the course packet and to proceed with reproduction.
Anytime that we have to communicate with the professor may add time delays to the process.
It is important that the professor indicate if non approved articles be automatically omitted
or if they request to be notified.

Return of Original materials.
We return the professors original materials at the same time we deliver their course packets.