About Your Course Packets

Free to the Professor

No Cost to the Professors

Zero Liability
We take care of 100% of the liability for permission of listed cited works.

Save your Students
Course Packs often cost 1/3 of textbooks, and include only what is needed for the class.

Made to Order
Organized and arranged exactly the way you need and in the order of how you teach the class.

Complimentary Desk Copies
Up to 2 for classes of 17-35, 1 additional for every 30 additional students.

We Take Care of Permission and Royalty fees
98% permission approval rate.

Digital Re-Mastering
Pages are scanned, cleaned, straightened, and contrast corrected.

Page Numberbing.

Vast Printing and Binding Options
Coil, Comb, 3-hole, Shrink Wrapped, etc.

Fast Turnaround
2-4 weeks for most copyright materials. Less then a week for Public Domain and Original Works.

Next Day Re-orders
Available for shipping within 24 hours of request, Same day in most cases.

Low, Low Prices
We have the lowest prices in the industry.

Free Pick-up
Free Pickup of course packet materials.

Free Online Ordering System Avail.